Shop with us at Grounded!

When we created Grounded, we wanted not only a place where everyone in the community could come together to enjoy movement, but a place where we could all feel at home, surrounded by things we love and that bring us joy!

By consciously curating our retail merchandise, we hope you can enjoy some of what we have at the studio, in your own homes.

Photo of branded merch for sale at the Grounded Pilates studio

We carry a little something for everyone.

Grounded Downtown's shop, featuring t-shirts
Grounded Downtown's shop, featuring merch and retail
Grounded Downtown's shop, featuring Coco-Bare products

Branded clothing

We aim to source and create clothing that works for everyone! Comfortable, casual clothes that fit and look great.

Small-batch wellness

We carry Coco-Bare skincare and Northern Rose handcrafted candles. Take self-care beyond the studio!

Pilates-approved socks

We carry Lucky Honey socks, perfect to help your feet grip during your pilates, barre, and yoga sessions.

Visit us at our Downtown location to shop.