Reformer Flow

A full-body reformer class suited for clients of all levels. Beginners will flow through the foundations of Pilates with confidence while our more advanced clients will find added strength + precision in every move. Personal attention to technique + form ensures everyone gets the most out of class.

Athletic Reformer

With a modern twist to our Reformer Flow, Athletic Reformer is an intense + fast-paced workout designed to make you sweat, challenge your core and strengthen your major muscle groups. Full-body fun!

Slow Flow Reformer

A slow-moving reformer class that targets the full-body, focusing on balance + control. A great class for beginners to build confidence and for those clients that enjoy a slower class, helping to find more focus in their Pilates practice.

Reformer Jump + Flow

Mixing the cardio intensity of Jump with the slow, controlled pace of Reformer Flow, this class will bring the sweat + the smiles.

Reformer Jump Express

A fun + efficient 30 minute class that will challenge your cardio + stamina, make your legs + core burn and leave you excited to come back for more.

Classic Barre

A low-impact, full-body Pilates Barre class designed to target every muscle from head to toe. Seriously, even your brain + feet will feel the challenge!

Barre Strength

Classic Barre with a twist! This class moves at a quicker pace to challenge your cardio, mixed with longer holds to maximize the balance of inner + outer strength. The addition of gliders adds spice to the legs + core.

Core Barre

Your core will shake + your bum will burn in this specially-designed class that targets the center of the body. Building strength in the core, from top to bottom + front to back, will provide you with better posture, stronger breathing patterns and an increase in balance + stability. Plus, everyone loves working their abs, right?

Barre + Arms

Still your favourite full-body Barre class but with an added emphasis on strengthening the arms. We offer the option to wear (+ purchase) our specialized Toney Bands wrist weights for an extra challenge.

Mat Flow

Not your typical boring Mat class. Designed to get the body warm + the blood flowing, your core will feel the challenge as we build strength + endurance through every hold + transition. Mat Flow always ends with a deep, slow stretching series that will calm the body + balance the nervous system.

3 Private Intros to Pilates

Designed for clients new to Pilates, this package allows you to get acquainted with the movement and language of Pilates. You will build confidence, feel your muscles fire and have fun!

Interested in a Private Class?

Private single and duo sessions are available and can be booked via email or phone. These sessions are tailor-made for each client and their specific needs and goals.